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Law firms and other legal services are increasingly turning to web conferencing as a way to reduce travel costs and lost production while at the same time sharing documents securely with more clients. Our web conferencing solution is a reliable and affordable service that can help you meet those goals.

Our service is offered as a simple pay-as-you-go per-minute service at 7.9¢ per minute with no contracts and no monthly charges. You pay only for your actual usage.

The service utilizes a web-based application that allows users to conduct web conferences anywhere an Internet connection is available.

  • 100% Web-based
  • Publish Documents
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Audience Polling
  • Live Chat Features
  • Secure (128 SSL)

Utilize a web conference to conduct an effective online meeting when distance is an issue. Share desktop applications, web content and documents online with multiple participants in varied locations.

Service Features

Our web conferencing service comes with many useful and easy to use features.

Technical Requirements

Moderator and Participant systems must meet the following minimum requirements:

Application Sharing and Desktop Sharing requirements:

When Sharing is initiated, a browser plug-in component is installed if it is not already present. If your system security settings prevent you from installing browser plugins you can install the necessary components via the Options Kit. On the Web Conferencing login page.

Participant Application Viewing Requirements:

Document Publishing:

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One of our conferencing specialists can provide you with a thorough demonstration of our web conferencing solution and show you how your organization can best utilize it.

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