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Please use this form to reserve your next operator-assisted conference call. A member of our support team will contact you within 15 minutes of form submission* to confirm your conference details.

All operator-assisted conference calls are bound by our procedures and booking policy.

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Call Type

Operator-Assisted Dial-In - Speakers dial in directly
Operator-Assisted Dial-Out - Operators dial out to bring in speakers
Combination Dial-In/Dial-Out

Scheduled Speakers*

Please list the speakers scheduled for this call. If the call type you selected is operator-assisted dial-out or combination dial-in/dial-out, please list phone and alternate phone numbers for those speakers that Law Conferencing operators will need to dial to bring into the call.

SpeakerPhoneAlt. Phone

Question & Answer Session

There is no additional charge for a question and answer session during your operator-assisted conference. If a Q&A session is desired, please check which type of session you would require:

No Q&A Required
Presentation Mode Q&A - All participants muted, only host(s) is audible
Interactive Mode Q&A - All participants may speak at anytime

Optional Services

Please select any optional services you would like for this conference. A support team member will detail additional charges that apply when confirming your reservation.

Digital Replay - Access recording via toll-free dial-in
CD Recording - Multiple delivery options available
WAV or MP3 File - Download via FTP or Web
Participant List - Emailed to host
Transcription Service - Emailed to host within 24 hours

Participant Information to be Gathered

Please select up to three pieces of information to be gathered from conference participants:

City / State

Question, Comments and Additional Information

Please enter any questions, comments or other information.

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