24/7 Toll-Free Conference Calling - Security Features

Because of the need for heightened security in today's business environment, we have made securing our 24/7 Toll-Free Conference Calling service a high priority. Our service features allow you to conduct conference calls with complete confidence.

1. Lock the Conference Call

Law Conferencing's 24/7 Toll-Free Conference Calling has a lock feature that is activated by pressing *5 on your keypad. This feature closes the conference call to any additional participants.

2. Secure Access

Each Law Conferencing account has unique host and participant codes assigned to it. These codes may be changed when necessary for added security.

3. Record Caller IDs (ANI Capture)

When available, the system will record the caller ID of each participant so that you have a record of the phone numbers used to dial in to your conference.

4. Usage Reporting

After each call you can receive a Phone Conference Usage Report at no additional cost. This report provides a complete record of each conference call including the time and date of the call, participant caller IDs (when available), number of lines used, minutes that each participant was on the call and total call minutes.

5. Name Announce and Roll Call Options

Name Announce: The system can be configured so that each participant is announced by name as they join the call. A less disruptive option is Entry Announcement, this allows the host to set the system to alert them with a subtle tone each time a participant joins the conference call. This option is less intrusive if the call is already underway.

Roll Call: This option allows the host to conduct a roll call by simply pressing #1, the system will then play back the names of all participants currently on the call. Only the host hears the roll call using this option. This feature can be utilized on calls where confidentiality is important, or when the host has asked a participant to disconnect and needs to verify that they are off the call.

6. Attendee Removal

If the call has been set up to require users to record their names before entering the conference call, with operator assistance the host has the ability to remove or bar someone from the conference call.

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