24/7 Toll-Free Conference Calling - Keypad Commands

Below are the keypad commands utilized with 24/7 Toll-Free Conference Calling. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Dialing In to Start your Conference Call

Step 1: Dial either - Toll-Free: 1-866-XXX-XXXX  -or-  International: 1-404-XXX-XXXX
Step 2: When prompted, dial your host or participant access code.

Dialing Out to a New Participant (feature must be activated)

#3 At dial tone press: 1 + area code + number  -or-  011 + country code + telephone number to dial out to international participants.
#4 Disconnect participant and return to conference.
#5 Connect participant and return to conference.

Optional Codes Available to the Call Host during a Conference Call

The following commands can only be performed by the call host and are generally used by individuals who are comfortable with reservationless conferencing.

*0 Speak to a live operator.
*5 Lock/unlock conference.
*6 Mute/unmute your own line.
*7 Mute/unmute participants.
#1 Hear a roll call.
#2 Obtain head count.
#7 Start/stop recording.
99 End the conference.

Conference Recording

You may store only one recording at a time, regardless of length. When you start a new recording, any prior recording is deleted.

#7 Enter record mode
Press 1 To begin recording the current conference.
Press 2 To refuse passcode.
  Recording begins
#7 To stop and exit recording mode, or simply hang up.

Conference Playback

Step 1: Dial 1-866-430-1300
Step 2: Enter PIN: xxx-xxxx # (Participant Entry Code)
Step 3: Press 4 to listen.
Step 4: Enter confirmation No.: 2002xxxxxxxx #

Playback Control

** Pause/unpause
#2 Rewind 30 seconds
#3 Skip ahead 30 seconds
*2 Play backward
*3 Play forward 2x speed
*1 Resume normal play after *2 or *3

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